What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Believe it or not you go in and out of a hypnotic state throughout the day. IT IS NOT SLEEP. The brainwave state for hypnosis is called the THETA brain wave.  When you are driving you are in a state of hypnosis but let’s start at the beginning. When you first learned to drive you were conscious of placing your foot on the brake or the gas pedals. During this time, you were actually training your unconscious mind to either hit the gas or the brake until it became an action you no longer think about consciously every time. So, this unconscious mind is your higher self. You get into your vehicle, start driving to your destination, you stop at every redlight or stop sign fully aware of the traffic. When you make a turn, you watch for oncoming vehicles. How often have you arrived at your destination and thought {How did I get here?} That is because even though you were totally aware while driving. You were actually in the theta brain wave state. When you watch tv you are actually in the theta brain wave state. You are fully aware of everything you are watching. There are many tasks that we do during the day that we are fully aware while doing them that we are actually in the theta brain wave state. Your senses are even heightened in this state. We all go into the state of hypnosis 20 to 30 times a day and just don’t realize it.

Ok now so let’s clear up a couple of things. First of all, you will not say or do anything that you don’t want to. I am a clinical hypnotherapist as well and if you where to be hypnotized to quit smoking for instance and you really did not want to quit. The hypnosis session would not work. I can’t make you cluck like a chicken or tell family secrets, unless you actually want to.

Now let’s talk about The EGO vs HIGHER SELF. Your ego mind might try to interfere and tell you things like – you’re not hypnotized, you wasted your money… When it does, it’s best to treat it with love and respect. First, understanding what the ego is, is important. For you to be here in this third dimension, the lowest dimension of communal life in our Universe, you needed to create a denser part within you, to be able to stay here. Otherwise, your spirit would have been too light to remain in this density, and you would have just passed away, ascended out, because you wouldn’t be a matching vibration to this density. Understanding that your ego is your greatest teacher, the shadow, the fierceness within you that you draw from when you need to stand up for yourself or for others. Your higher self is that little voice that that when you don’t listen to it, it usually leads to trouble. The voice of reason, fairness compassion and love. Ego =shadow Higher self =light

Our goal in hypnosis is to surrender and you will most likely remember everything. A small number of people find they are somnambulistic and remember nothing but that is rare. Your senses will be enhanced. Your physical body will be very relaxed and may even feel heavy. You may be super alert and super relaxed at the same time. Once in hypnosis you will experience the past life process in many ways. The Third Eye houses all the senses, feeling, knowing,